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Chipper Days, Oct 7th and 8th

published: September 27th, 2022 by in Fire Safety

The Pinebrook Master Association and Pinebrook HOA are hosting fall chipping at the Pinebrook Park on Friday, October 7th, and Saturday, October 8th from 7am to 5pm for Pinebrook residents ONLY. This is for trees, branches, brush, and other such debris. Branches may not be larger than 8″ in diameter, and no shorter than 3′ in length as to not clog the chipper. There will be NO dumpsters as in the spring, only wood chipping. If a landscape company is hired to help with your cleanup, please make sure they are only acting on your behalf. They are not allowed to dispose of trees and debris from other customers in other neighborhoods. If you need assistance bringing your trees, branches or brush down to the park, please email pinebrookfiresafety@gmail.com as soon as possible and the Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee will try to provide assistance.