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The Pinebrook Master Association is an “umbrella” association created in 1991 to own and manage the larger common areas and coordinate the homeowners’ associations which govern the various developments in the Pinebrook area.

The individual homeowner’s associations continue their present functions, including ownership and maintenance of their separate common areas and representing their members at annual meetings of the Master Association (normally in February each year) where the Master Association trustees are elected.

The Master Association owns, insures, maintains and pays taxes on the front side of Ecker Hill and all major common areas on the perimeter of the Pinebrook development, an area of approximately 600 acres.

Your membership in the Association reflects your undivided ownership interest in this great amenity. It represents your right to use this open space, and the trail system (approx. 21 miles) included there. These amenities reflect directly on your property values, even if you do not personally choose to use the trails or park.

The other major asset of the Master Association is the park located at the intersection of Pinebrook Road and Pinebrook Boulevard. The park site was set aside for a community park in the early 1990s in connection with approval of the recorded Consent Agreement that established the parameters for all development in Pinebrook that has occurred since 1991. The park site would otherwise have been the location of an additional 100-unit condominium project and represents an asset to the community with a land value measured in the millions of dollars.