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Fire-adapted Landscapes And Safe Homes (FLASH) Program

Pinebrook has been awarded grant funds from the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative (WRI) which are available to Pinebrook residents through June 15, 2024. This grant provides partial reimbursement to Pinebrook property owner for costs incurred creating defensible space around Pinebrook residences using Firewise Landscaping concepts.  $50,000 in total funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be used by June 15, 2024.  A maximum grant award of $6,000 per property is available and awards will range from 25% to 75% of the cost of each project.  Completion of an application will notify the Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee (PFSC) of a homeowner’s interest in participating in Pinebrook’s FLASH Program.





  • On a first-come, first-served basis
  • Previous award recipients will be considered, but priority will be given to new applicants
  • Awards will be advised to homeowners promptly after applications are received
  • Homeowners are required to cover the full cost of the work on their properties, submit a project completion form and required attachments, and grant awards will be distributed by September 30, 2024.



1. Property Owner completes FLASH application

    • Google Forms is the preferred method of application. Use this link.
    • Alternative methods include digital or paper form to be emailed or mailed to the PFSC as indicated in the form. The form can be downloaded via this link.
    • Property Owner must provide two quotes from reputable service providers for work to be completed on property. A list of known service providers can be found here.
      • If project costs seem out of line with similar properties, PFSC can request property owner obtain a third bid from a mutually acceptable service provider.
    • Provide at least two “pre-treatment” photos of areas to be worked.
    • Limited technical guidance can be provided by the PFSC for identification of fuels management work and completion of application process.

2. PFSC reviews and scores applications (see the Program Requirements & Evaluation Criteria below for scoring information)

    • Property owner agrees to allow the PFSC to enter property to evaluate proposal.

3. PFSC advises applicants of awards

    • Actual award amount will be dependent upon the following:
      • Minimum property owner contribution will be 25% of such property owner’s total project cost, but a higher required property owner contribution is likely given project scoring.
      • Maximum award amount for any Property owner will be $6,000.
      • Higher ranked projects are likely to receive a lower property owner percentage contribution (see section 4 in the Program Requirements & Evaluation Criteria below for additional information).
      • Any Application that proposes a project that supports defensible space concepts shall receive an award of at least 25% of the project cost.
    • Property owners shall notify Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee two days in advance of scheduled work as the Fire Safety Committee is allowed to inspect work.
    • Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee will be allowed to place a sign upon property during project and one week following to raise awareness of the beneficial work being done and the grant program that enabled it.
    • Property owners are expected to pay service providers for the full cost of the work on their property in advance of reimbursement process.
    • Property owner’s award will be distributed to property owner will be distributed by September 30, 2024 provided that the PFSC has received all items required in the Project Completion Form by June 20, 2024 (see section 4 immediately below).
    • Services previously performed by a property owner (after June 1, 2023 but before a grant was awarded )may be eligible for reimbursement, but no guarantees are made that any project work performed prior to application approval will receive an award.

4. Each Property owner shall be required to submit a Project Completion Form including required attachments as soon as possible after work is completed but no later than June 20, 2024. The form can be accessed via this link. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded via this link. The required attachments include:

    • Invoice from the service provider and evidence that the service provider was paid.
    • Two post-treatment photos of the fuels treatments from the same locations as the two pre-treatment photos.
    • Statement of work completed including any property owner contributions and/or any in-kind services.
    • Property owner agrees to allow the Pinebrook Fire Safety Committee to enter property to inspect completed work.


1.Property must be located within the Pinebrook neighborhood.

2. Property owner is responsible for completion of work and payment of service provider prior to reimbursement.

    • PFSC has list of known service providers, but does not recommend specific service providers. The list can be found at this link.
    • PFSC strongly encourages that your selected service provider is licensed, insured and bonded for the work they will be performing.

3. Neither Pinebrook Master Association, nor any member associations, shall have any liability for any damages caused by any service provider, nor for any damages or injuries resulting from property owners doing in-kind work.

4. Applications will be evaluated and quantitatively scored for the amount of funding to be received as follows:

    • Fire risk analysis of applicant property will provide initial ranking criteria
      • 1 point for vegetation exhibiting 4-10 foot flame lengths,
      • 2 points for vegetation exhibiting greater than 11 foot flame lengths.
    • Applicant properties that are adjacent to other homeowner properties that participated in the FLASH program in 2022-23 or in this FLASH program
      • 1 point for each adjacent private property that has participated (to a maximum of 3 points).
    • Applicant properties that are adjacent to open space that has been treated in the past five years or will be treated in 2024
      • 2 points
    • Applicant properties that commit to 20 or more hours of in-kind work on their properties in their application
      • 0.5 points

5. Work is intended to support defensible space concepts around homes and across the Pinebrook neighborhood and includes:

    • Tree thinning
    • Ground-based tree trimming (removal of ladder fuels)
    • Brush removal
      • Disposal of biomass (i.e. chipping, firewood, off site removal, pile burning)
    • Services will NOT include:
      • trash removal,
      • weeding and mowing,
      • moving wood piles,
      • grass removal,
      • landscaping,
      • removal of large root systems or other ground-disturbing work, or site preparation for new construction